Drone Technology Used for Education

Dr. Valasek, Aerospace Engineering Professor, talked with Monica Castor from KAGS concerning the use of drone technology in education.  KCEN TV also covered the story here. To watch the story in its entirety, click here.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DJlh6Vje1o.


COLLEGE STATION, Texas (KAGS) -- Weighing anywhere from two grams to 60 pounds, a drone occasionally launches in the sky above the Brazos Valley.

You most likely won't see it, as the planes are tested and flown at A&M's Riverside Campus and at disaster city near Easterwood Airport.

"All of our flying is done in the confines of that campus and we do all that flying in the day time, so we don't go flying over anyone's property or the cities or anything like that, it's all very confined," said a project member.

Good news to people who feel their privacy is at stake.

"It's definitely kinda creepy, it's kinda like the 1984 big brother is watching," said Texas A&M student Emily Maire.

The building behind me is one the place drone technology is being created here at Texas A&M. But that technology has nothing to do with spying on people. In fact some of that technology is used to trace wildlife.

"We can use this for tracking schools of fish, you can use this for spotting wildlife and we are doing things like monitoring forest fires and assisting with brush fire efforts," said Texas A&M Professor John Valasek.

It also helps the engineering students develop prototypes for potential buyers and stay up to date with the ever changing technology. 

"The kids that build these vehicles are, then test them at the different places and then they take them to their jobs. These are what there customers in their industry wanting them to do when they get hired," said Texas A&M student Sarah Smock.

"I think it's awesome that A&M is on the brink of technology and it's good that we are on the forefront of this movement as a university."

A university using drones not for spying...instead for the greater good. 

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